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Belly dance Class

The Goddess Workout®
Finger Cymbals: Mata Hari Martini
with certified instructor Amira Hamzar.

"Ring in the New Year" by learning a beginner Finger Cymbal Belly Dance routine!

Although Finger Cymbals are a natural and fundamental part of Belly Dance, beginner students can feel unsure of how they relate to the music and steps. In fact, they can be a dancer's best friend, as they provide impact in the performance. Amira's warm approach to teaching Finger Cymbals and Middle Eastern Rhythms will help you avoid frustration, and get you playing right away!

For absolute beginners (and beyond) of all ages, sizes, and shapes; no experience necessary.

Over the class series, you will learn basic Belly Dance moves and how to play the Finger Cymbals. Combinations are strung together, and at the conclusion of the class, you will have learned an official Goddess Workout® routine.

Don't have Finger Cymbals? No Problem! No Finger Cymbals necessary; you can learn the routine with or without Finger Cymbals.

Live on Zoom and in-person at the Pure Essence Wellness Center: 1240 E Eighth Street, Traverse City MI 49686

Class notes, recordings, and music playlists included at no extra charge!

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Finger Cymbals: Mata Hari Martini

Classes will be every Friday for 6-weeks starting

Friday, January 6, 2023 (last class being February 10)

from 6:00 - 7:00 pm

$90 value, only $68


Or $15 drop-in.

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About Amira

20 years ago, Amira Hamzar found the healing power of Belly Dance during an emotionally stormy time in her life.  She quickly got the “Belly Dance Bug” and learned as much as she could. Later, she shared her passion for Belly Dance by teaching others and became a certified Goddess Workout® Belly Dance and Burlesque instructor. Dance has the ability to heal the mind, body, heart and spirit, and Amira’s mission is to pass this empowerment onto her students.

Read more about Amira’s healing journey through dance at


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