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Empowerment Circle

Empowering through gathering in circle

Class Description

We are encouraged to speak not only from the MIND, but from the HEART. We are free to SHARE our inner most FEELING if we choose. Regardless of whether one brings a traditional teaching to share or personal problem to the circle, all persons are valued, respected, and listened to without judgement.


Talking Circles are ancient ceremonies through which Native Americans have shared information, Elders have taught important lessons, and individuals have settled differences, while great healing takes place. Talking Circle ceremonies are still used today by indigenous people all over the world as a method of communication. Unlike other communication styles within the United States, communication in Native American culture values cooperation over competition. Commonly, when Native Americans engage in conversation, they listen intently, until the person speaking is completely finished talking. Then, another person talks and fully expects to be able to completely finish expressing their thoughts, without interruption, before the conversation turns to another person. There is a high level of respect and a sacred quality to Talking Circles, a very powerful means of touching or bringing some degree of HEALING to the MIND, the HEART, the BODY, or the SPIRIT. One could call it a very effective form of group therapy.

I’m bringing to Northern Michigan a radical way to grow, heal, transform and become empowered. By bringing new light to an ancient and traditional tool used by indigenous people around the globe.


Circles are a place to transform ME to WE as a space where the principle of sharing power with each other exists instead of having power over one another.


Imagine a space where, you have nothing to prove, you can remove the mask of who you think you should be to others and be just be yourself, a space where you can be seen and heard with no apologies.


We can transform our insecurities, wounds, jealousies, and competitive patterns, and claim our true radiance, unity and come together.


No more superficial, surface BS here, we go deeper.


We are creating a whole new model for the future.


Co-creative Leadership.


We feel connected to our souls, to others and to something larger than ourselves, something greater than ourselves.


If you are open and willing to step into circle – you will transform.


Stop in. Experience what it’s all about.

Circle is for all – not exclusive – it’s for everyone, all religions honored, all beliefs honored, all sexes honored.

Upcoming Sessions

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with Heather Zigler

February Sessions

Tuesday, March  1             10:30 am                 1-hour

Wednesday, March  2         5:30 pm                 1-hour

Tuesday, March 8              10:30 am                1-hour

Wednesday, March  9         5:30 pm                1-hour

Tuesday, March 15              10:30 am               1-hour

Wednesday, March  16         5:30 pm               1-hour

Tuesday, March 22            10:30 am                1-hour

Wednesday, March 23         5:30 pm               1-hour

$55/month - come 1 day or come all 8 days!

Not ready to commit? Your first session is FREE!
Come and experience then decide.

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Up to 10 IN PERSON empowerment circles

Positive Self Concept

Self Definition

Holistic Health

Life Skills

Mental Health

Emotional Well-Being

Journal & Pen to capture your experience and reflections

Guided Mediations

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