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Holly Joy

As an Intuitive Empath, clients appreciate my ability to step into, feel and navigate past, present and future situations and relationships and offer answers and guidance on optimal directions moving forward.

As an Evidential Medium, I am able to validate communication with loved ones in Spirit.  Clients often consult me for my ability to offer an understanding of life and death, answer questions and provide messages, allowing much needed healing from grief.

More about my Work

The word "Psychic" means of the Soul

My work is Soul Work and with that my calling is to ease the burden of uncertainty that affects us all by helping my clients learn what information resonates within their Soul so they may feel in alignment with their intended path, find needed healing and experience optimal outcomes in their lives.  This may be present and near future questions in any situation or relationship, including those accompanying loss.

I do individual readings as well as group readings.

Click HERE to book a reading with me.

For more information or questions, please visit my website by clicking HERE


Spiritual Readings for your Soul

In the office, in-home, and on-line


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