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Toe Reading
Karen Rahn

A Toe Reading is a fun way of seeing how your past experiences have affected you. You may think you inherited your feet from your parents or blame your shoes, but your toes tell the story of your life. The shape, features, direction, and even the texture and flexibility of your toes all have important relevance to where, when, how and what you’ve done throughout your life. 


From your destiny toe to your trust toe, each toe tells a chapter from your life about how you relate to the world around you to your inner feelings about yourself.

• Thought patterns have a direct impact on the toes.

• The stature of the toes determines the degree of confidence in standing up and facing the world.

• Pliable, flexible toes share ideas and concepts with ease.

• Rigid toes lack faith in themselves.

• Your internal self is displayed in your left foot.

• The position and shape of the toes says a lot about the energy in your body.

• Toes reveal a great deal about your past and the experiences you've lived through.

• Toes reveal how a person copes with their feelings, as well as their thoughts.

• It has been documented that everything that happens in your life, the story and the emotions, are stored as cell memory.

In a 30-minute session you can find out the story of YOUR life according to your toes. This is not a psychic reading, but more like following the journey of your emotional life through the map presented by your feet.

There is more going on in the world, and specifically YOUR world, than meets the eye. It may just be your toes that reveal the most!

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Toe Readings are offered via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video

Please contact Karen to set up an appointment

Phone: 989-906-2878  or email

Cost is $45 / 30 minute session

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