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Certified Life Coach

As your certified Life Coach, I offer you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential. Take a look at my services and see how we can work together to achieve your life and wellness goals.

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Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Looking forward to meeting you.

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Licensed Massage Therapist

As your Massage Therapist, I’m committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through a personalized program. Together, we’ll push boundaries and find new and better ways to achieve your goals.  I will work closely with you to bring more health and well-being into your life.  I address pain management along with deep relaxation techniques to help you in healing.


Licensed Massage Therapist, Energetic Healer & Intuitive Life Coach

I am looking forward to assisting you on your healing journey, whether that be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Nothing brings me more joy than having a client leave my office feeling better than when they come in.

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Licensed Massage Therapist

I have therapeutic experience in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Pain Management.  Trigger point massage is really my thing! Attentive & well educated, let me handle any complaints of tension or painful areas of the body.

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Licensed Massage Therapist

I have therapeutic experience in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Aroma Therapy.  Scalp Massage is really my thing!

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Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath

As an Evidential Psychic Medium and Intuitive Empath with years of Metaphysical studies, I offer clients the information they can't see and the spiritual healing they need to feel confidently guided in this life and at peace that their loved ones are awaiting in the next.

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Reiki Master/ Teacher,


I have studied and practiced, internationally, in the field of energy medicine for over twenty years.  I hold a certificate as a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Foot Reflexologist and Aroma Touch Technique Practitioner.  I'm also an Ordained Minister with an AA Degree in Biblical Studies...amongst other fun things.


Reiki Master/ Teacher,
Intuitive Reader,

I am a native of Northern Michigan and have worked with many people from across the country to find peace, harmony and balance. I use my abilities as an Intuitive Channel to connect to your Higher Self to better assist you with questions or difficulties that you are experiencing on your path.

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Psychic Reader,
Reiki Master

By using the tarot, along with being an intuitive and medium I am able to provide guidance and messages to support you on your journey.  I hold certificates as a reiki master/teacher and in the ancient art of divine grace healing.  I also have a deep understanding of the physical body as a certified surgical technologist and 16-years’ experience as a certified nurse aide.

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Holistic Health Coach

Being a Certified Health and Weight Loss Coach, Susan has incorporated energy and mindfulness into her "Healthy Weight Loss" Program, to achieve maximum success and long-term results.

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Amira, Goddess Workout® Belly Dance and Burlesque Instructor

20 years ago, Amira Hamzar found the healing power of Belly Dance during an emotionally stormy time in her life.  She quickly got the “Belly Dance Bug” and learned as much as she could. Later, she shared her passion for Belly Dance by teaching others and became a certified Goddess Workout® Belly Dance and Burlesque instructor. Dance has the ability to heal the mind, body, heart and spirit, and Amira’s mission is to pass this empowerment onto her students.

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Karen Rahn
Toe Reader

A Toe Reading is a fun way of seeing how your past experiences have affected you. You may think you inherited your feet from your parents or blame your shoes, but your toes tell the story of your life. The shape, features, direction, and even the texture and flexibility of your toes all have important relevance to where, when, how and what you’ve done throughout your life.

In a 30-minute session you can find out the story of YOUR life according to your toes. This is not a psychic reading, but more like following the journey of your emotional life through the map presented by your feet.

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