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Pat Bryan

Your Soul's Tour Guide

Owner of Energy Transformer from Within and Beyond, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in distance energy healings.  I am certified in EFT/TFT Tapping, have a certificate in Telepathy healing and also am a certified Chakra Master and Medical Intuitive.  Animal communication, alive or in spirit, is something that keeps wrapping itself back to me.  I also have abilities to read energy of people, places, pets and things.  I use my ability of remote viewing to help with finding people, pets and items that are lost. I like to think my pendulum, her name is Penny, and I are one in the same.  I love reading cards to help people open their minds to possibilities as well as to give a little nudge to those that are on the right path. 


I transform energy to help those heal in ways they didn't know they needed it by using a variety of techniques.


• Distance or In person Reiki 

• Distance or In person EFT/TFT Tapping

• Animal communication, alive or in spirit

• Mediumship

• Medical Intuitive

• Card-Pendulum-Rune stone readings

• Energy readings

• Chakra and Dowsing clearings

• and much more



Visit Pat's Website at



Emotional Freedom Tapping/Thought Field Therapy- Tapping therapy is based on the concept that memories, beliefs, and negative emotions are stored in the body as energy. These emotions and beliefs can cause problems such as eating disorders, phobias, low self-esteem, depression, and addiction. 


Distant Reiki Healing.jfif

Distant Reiki Healing

Balance Your Mind. Heal Yourself. Cleanse Your Chakras. Follow Your Life Path. Connect with Ancestors. Release Trauma & Gain Wisdom in a Distance Energy Healing Session.


White Sand and Stone

Body scan and Reiki energy healing bundle

A body scan through your energy field, followed by a reiki healing of that area and the body as a whole. 


Tarot Reading

Card pulls

I use two decks.  I will pull one card from each deck.  The third card is client's choice of deck.

$15 per 3 cards

Discovery Card Reading.jfif

Discovery Card Reading

The cards will show you exactly what kind of block you're dealing with, where the block is located, and which emotions are associated with the block.  By the end of the reading, you'll know the exact underlying issue around the block.


Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Pendulum Readings

A pendulum reading is a reading that answers yes and no questions.  No medical/health, pregnancy/baby or legal questions will be accepted.

$20.00 per every 10 questions

Candle Burning Ritual

Intuitive/Medium Readings

Need a question answered about a passed loved one, I can help



Animal Communication

A true animal-lover and a friend to pet owners, I can telecommunicate with critters of all variety, from dogs to insects. I can help you open your mind to your animals thoughts to help with behavior training and large transitions. My compassion and understanding is particularly called upon when family companions are facing illness and death. I can even communicate with your pet’s spirit after passing. 



Blue Smoke

Pat Bryan thank you so much for that reading this dog is very much my baby, in got him when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and he’s been the only consistent thing in my life. I just recently got married and I know how sensitive Hoss is when we argue he goes and try’s to hide. We bought a new house and it’s all different but he’s always by my side, he is my one, my main dog. The keeper of my secrets. Thank you 💜 I loved this reading 


Blue Smoke

"Pat has such a kind gentle soul and amazing gifts! She has communicated with my mother's dog who had recently crossed over and everything was so on point! I have also entrusted Pat with my energy healing since 2018 and she is always finding exactly where i need the most healing and she gets the job done. As a Medium and healer myself, I am very particular about who i allow in my energy. I trust Pat. And you can too. "

Misty L, Texas

Blue Smoke

We adopted an older rescue cat several months ago. Since we brought him home, he meows excessively, almost non-stop. We play with him every day, he gets treats, he eats good food but he never seemed comfortable. I mentioned this to Pat and she offered to help. We were skeptical about the healing from a distance but there have been significant changes to our cat behavior. Pat was very communicative during the process and followed up after sending healing. She gave us tips to help Stash during the healing process. We're very appreciative of Pat's efforts and hope you give her a chance to make a difference in your pet's life. 

D Parks

Blue Smoke

 I asked Pat to do a card reading for me as l was seeking some answers to a few strange events.   The first card was a scarab beetle, which l could straight away relate to my question.   After the cards were pulled, l commented about how my intuition is always right, somehow l just 'know' things without actually knowing.  But l have been doubting it due to my lack of confidence and current vulnerable state.   Pat said, 'Yes! Listen to your gut.'  And then the most a amazing thing happened. A scarab beetle landed on my pillow.  To top this incredible experience off,  this happened at 2.22am. 

M.S in Australia

Blue Smoke

 Pat is amazing!! I'm so happy that she was drawn to me...she did the tapping therapy on me and we focused on my anxiety.  Side note, I use CBD oils daily to calm my anxiety down.  Today I have not used any CBD products due to the tapping therapy...not knowing how I would feel the end of my work day and Pat checking in on me ... I realized I had no all my task done and took no CBD.  Pat is a true blessing to me and has helped me in so many ways.  I trust her completely and her skills. She's just wonderful 


Blue Smoke

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Blue Smoke

I want to send a huge thank you to Pat Bryan. You have provided me with so much relief and given me a calmness in your reading for me. You were spot on with so many things and you have helped not just me, but you have helped my friend and his family in ways we could never repay. Your reiki healing and reading were spot on and your words and delivery were not only comforting but respectful, compassionate and kind. Again, I will never be able to repay you, but please always remember just how grateful I will always be for you. 

A Gardner

Blue Smoke

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