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Spiritual Spa Day

These are great packages for those days that you just want to get away and relax for a few hours with some friends.

Our space is welcoming and serene.  We would love to pamper you for the day.


We can customize packages for you...just ask!

Spa Day Appointments cannot be made on-line
Please call to schedule

Spiritual Spa Day Packages

* Can add-on services for an additional charge(s)

~ 30 minute Hand Massage $30/person
~ 30 minute Reiki (cannot be used if going in the Harmonic Egg) $45/person
~ Paraffin Wax for the Feet $10/person
~ 30 minute Rune Reading $45/person
~ 30 minute Tarot Reading $50/person
~ 15 minute Tuning Fork Session $20/person
~ 30 minute Sauna Session $30/person

Makes Great Gifts

Bridal Party, Birthday, Deer Widows, Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Girls Day, and Just Because Days

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