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Serenity's Path

Tracey Sivek

Tracey is a native of Northern Michigan and has worked with many people from across the country to find peace, harmony and balance. Tracey uses her abilities as an Intuitive Channel to connect to your Higher Self to better assist you with questions or difficulties that you are experiencing on your path.

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Psychic Medium

Being a Medium, I can connect with those that you wish to contact that have crossed over. Many

people have healed and found peace in being able to connect to their loved ones on the other side.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Tracey is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher through the Usui-Seichim/Sekhem method of healing. 

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Quantum Etheric Healing

During Quantum Etheric Healing, you will be guided to reconnect to your place of origin and explore the Universe and endless possibilities.  This is channeled and specific to you and your healing.

Ama-Deus® Healing

During an Ama-Deus® Wisdom Keeper Session, I will use Love Energy based healing to work on healing any issues you have in body, mind and soul.

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“Love IS....the force that holds the Universe together...the act that brings hearts to the truth...the act of offering
freedom to all souls to be what they are...” Ama-Deus is a healing method from a whole or soul perspective that
taps into a stream of consciousness that is related to a particular thought...and that thought is Love.  Ama-Deus is a
healing energy offered lovingly by the Universe as a tool to enhance our spiritual growth and awareness while
supporting our physical and emotional healing.

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Past Life Exploration

Tracey is also able to take you on a journey through “Past Life Exploration”. During this time you will be able to experience a past life, finding the tools from that life that you are using or in need of reconnecting with in this life. This is a guided meditation.

Being a part of your journey and life experiences, challenges and triumphs is a blessing for Tracey. Her passion is to share with you her gifts and abilities to better assist you on your path to wholeness and wellness. 

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